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National Weather Service (NWS) - Rip Current Report
This site provides a forecast of surf zone hazards including a rip current risk for the beaches of Alabama and the Western Florida Panhandle.
  For the latest information on the Gulf Shores beach condition, call
Gulf Shores Storm Information Line:  (251) 968-TIDE

NWS - Rip Currents:  Break the Grip of the Rip
This page provides some great information about what rip currents are, safety tips, actual photos and survivor stories from those that have been caught in a rip current.  This site also contains links to technical articles on rip currents and other publications.

United States Lifesaving Association - Rip Currents - Rivers Through the Surf
This site covers rip current formation, rip current survival as well as longshore currents and inshore holes.  They have included a USLA's Top Ten Safety Tips for how to swim safe.
howstuffworks - How Rip Currents Work
This article covers a little bit of the science behind rip currents and how they are produced as well as how to survive a rip current should you get caught in one.

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